Why You Should Book a Trial Before Your Wedding Day

I think it’s important to book a trial before your wedding day for a few reasons, here’s four great ones…

  1. Ideas sometimes come to life differently than you imagined. The image you’ve created in your head or via Pinterest might come out very differently when applied to your face. Working with an artist is an opportunity to try a look you might not have thought if yet.
  2. Product reactions. Even though I use natural, organic product, I have had some brides who have unique sensitivities. A trial is a great time to wear makeup out for the day for two reasons. One, to see how it lasts and two, make sure your skin is happy!
  3. It’s a great opportunity to reassess your skin care routine. If you have any issues with dryness or eczema for example, we can talk about that and introduce some new products to your daily routine.  A proper skin care routine is essential for a good makeup application.
  4. This is the most important one! This is a time for you and your artist to bond and get to know each other.  On your wedding day, you can rest easy that your artist will take care of you and pamper you. All concerns and ideas have been covered during the trial.  Mimosa anyone?!

Investing in a trial as part of your package will enhance your whole experience. Your wedding day is already busy and stressful. Choosing an artist that makes you feel taken care of, they can wrangle the bridal party, keep everyone on schedule and remain calm cool and collected is worth it!

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