Why I Haven’t Had Many “Bridezilla’s”

One of the first questions I get asked when I meet a bridal party is “Have you ever had any Bridezilla’s?”

I have to say with the hundreds of weddings that I have been a part of, I can count on one hand the few difficult Brides I have had. I’ll explain to you why…

The one thing I always have in mind for a person’s wedding day is this is one of the most important days of them! Of course, emotions are running high, feeling the nerves, lack of sleep, wrangling family and friends. Guests are asking on the day of the wedding what time the ceremony starts (insert face palm)  I know, I’ve been there! It’s tough and can be a frustrating time. Let’s keep it as enjoyable as possible right?!

Fragment of Light Photography

Fragment of Light Photography

When it comes to booking, I like to connect with potential brides by phone. Is it old school to say I think an actual conversation goes much further than numerous exchanges via text and email? Nah, not at all, at the end of the day, human connection is what we need.

Conversations count, real ones, and in person, I am more than happy to meet you in person, sip a tea, chat a bit.  

I also want a potential bride to get a feel for me. The “interview” isn’t just from my side, the potential client may not jive with me and that’s totally fine!

If you have cruised my Makeup & Hair Gallery, you’ll see my style of makeup is quite natural looking. I love to bring out features in such a way that a person will look like the most incredible version of themselves. I do admire the artistry to highlighting, contouring, dramatic makeup and the transformations that can take place but I want my client to look in the mirror and say “Wow!, I feel so beautiful, and I still look like me!”.

Darby Magill Photography

Darby Magill Photography


Transitioning into using organic and natural makeup three years ago has added a layer to my makeup artistry career that I would have never expected. When my clients, male, and female, find out that I am using products that are free from harmful chemicals, the reaction is genuinely grateful. I think they feel even MORE taken care of knowing that I have carefully chosen products that are healthier that will perform and last.

Organic, natural makeup and skin care. Vegan available.

Organic, natural makeup and skin care. Vegan available.

Part of the process of booking with me is the client will get a full trial included in the Bridal package. At the trial, usually 2-3 hours we figure out their vision. The point of having a trial is so they know exactly what to expect on the day of the wedding. There is already lots of buzz and family dropping in, phone calls and texts, they don’t need any additional distractions about the size if curl or colour of a lipstick.

Plenty of communication before the actual wedding day is the prime reason I have very rarely had a “Bridezilla” You know what to expect from me, and I know what to expect from you since we have already spent 3 hours together at the trial. At the time of booking, we have unlimited email and text correspondence.

Quote from a past client ” You are like a giant cup of chamomile tea!”

I am proud of the fact that I have a calm and friendly presence for my clients, but I’m not afraid to crack the whip a bit if bridesmaids need to get ready fast or if people are running behind schedule.

I would like to add, my services are not just for brides. I welcome brides, grooms, two brides, two grooms and all types of weddings. Love is love after all. Open mind, open heart. 

My services include makeup and hair for special events like galas, birthdays and girls night out. Whatever the occasion, investing in having your makeup and hair done by a professional should be a fun and relaxed experience. Get taken care of, let the Artist (Me!) bring out your features in a way you may not have thought about before and I will do it using quality organic and natural makeup and skin care.

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