4 Tips To Balance Out Holiday Indulgences

It’s almost impossible not to overindulge over the holiday season. So, I’m going to make it easier for you to keep up your energy and feel great through all the festivities. Here are four easy tips to keep you on track or mostly on track.

Good Ol’ Greens

Vancouver Nutritionist

A good quality powdered greens is an excellent way to get some extra nutrients when you’ve had a few extra shortbread cookies or rum & eggnogs (or almond nogs!). If you get the greens that have probiotics and other herbs that support the body, that’s a bonus for happier digestion and stronger immune system. So grab a tub from your trusted health care professional and start drinking your greens once a day! Personally, I’ve been using the Genuine Health brand, for now, my immune system has been on the fritz a bit so I wanted the extra herbs, probiotics, and vitamins. If you are in generally good health, there are some much simpler blends of greens at varying price points.

Chew On This
You know when a parent is starting to give their little ones solid food and is kinds of half sing-talking “chew, chew chew.”

Well, the same goes for us adults. I can’t even tell you how many people I see inhale their food in minutes. Such a bummer especially after its taken so long to prepare. Then they may get a stomach ache after, feel bloated and gassy, is it worth it? Doesn’t sound like it to me.

Slowing down and chewing your food will help out your body in a few ways.Chewing your food more thoroughly makes it easier on the stomach to break down and digest the food. Eating more slowly will help reduce the amount of air you swallow which means fewer burps and later on… farts, sounds nice right?!

Before you take that bite, look at your food, look at what’s on your fork, notice that beautiful meal you’re about to enjoy. Take the bite, start to chew, notice the flavours, the textures, when you’re about to swallow that bite, chew five more times, then swallow.

I challenge you to take part in some conscious chewing and see what happens. Not only will you enjoy that holiday meal that only happens once a year but I’m quite sure you won’t feel so bloated and full. Slower eating will give your body time to recognize the signals that it is full!

Take A Hike!

Amanda Gangoso, Vancouver Nutritionist
Or go for a walk, grab your family or your buds. Talk a walk in the woods with a hot tea. After dinner walks are great to de-stress, aid digestion and what a great way spend some quality time together, extra challenge (leave the phones at home). If not after dinner, make a plan to adventure with snowshoes or dust off the old ice skates.

Think Bento
You have all seen a bento box at a Japanese restaurant, right?  Pay attention to when you fill your plate with food and think Bento portions. The larger section is for veggies, the smaller section for protein, the other small section for starches. Adjusting portion sizes will help to keep your meals more balanced.


Image: Ezymedica

Image: Ezymedica

Here’s a bonus tip. If we are honest, I think most of us are simply going to eat too much, and likely drink a few more glasses of wine than usual. Digestive enzymes are great as a support. They help to break down the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Ask your health care professional about which are right for you.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed! It’s about spending time with family, friends, relaxing, eating and drinking. Don’t beat yourself up about eating a couple extra Almond Rochas’ (is it just me that loves those??) Give yourself permission to have fun, be present and eat consciously & with awareness.

Get in touch if you want to ask questions about nutritional support over the holiday season.

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Have a fun and safe holiday!


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